1.1 – Blog Meta Information

I’m not saying that I hate web development, media and publishing, but I don’t like it either.

In this series of blog posts, I’m going to present a multi purpose kids toy called Marta Musik Maschine. But before diving into the build process, let me say a few words about the blog itself.

This WordPress instance runs on a non-dedicated server (i.e. simple web space). I don’t see an easy way of hosting something like GitLab at the moment. All the source code, 3D models and KiCad files belonging to this project can instead be found in an external repository at github.com/martamusikmaschine/mmm.

I’m not a native English speaker. I’m writing the blog posts after long work days and evenings full of kids animation. Please forgive me the one or the other not too eloquent sentence (like this). If you find any misspellings or strange word constructs that you want to be fixed, just let me know by commenting under the article or emailing me (marta [at] martamusikmaschine [.] com).

I really like time traveling. That’s the reason why I sometimes switch from present to past and back while writing, sometimes even within one sentence. It’s definitely not because of my inconsistent style of writing or because I’m too lazy to go over all the posts once again and fix all the scribal errors.

Maybe one day I will translate the blog posts to German, but for the beginning, I’m publishing everything in English. That way, I’m reaching out to more people. If you have any comments, you are free to write in German as well, although I prefer English for technical stuff.

Some things are seriously wrong concerning labor conditions, environmental damage and many other matters when it comes to electronic components. That’s probably true for each electronic device we use in our everyday life. As this is a blog post series about the build process of the electronic toy, I will suppress all considerations concerning those really important topics for now.

Many people like the imperial system due to its intuitive simplicity (12 inches is a foot, 3 feet is a yard, 1760 yards add up to a mile). Nevertheless am I going to use the complicated metric system with the uncommon factor 10 (mm, cm, dm, m) when talking about distances and € (Euro) for prices.

Instead of using one of the many preconfigured and ready-to-use WordPress blog services, I installed my own instance. Doing that hopefully allows me to customize my website in such a way, that it complies with EU GPDR. I tried my very best to collect as little user data as possible. That’s actually pretty hard nowadays with all the helper plugin temptations. Have a look at the Privacy Policy if you want to know more about this topic.

I do not have any monetary interests regarding Marta Musik Maschine. All external links (especially to shopping sites) are non affiliate and without any tracking parameters. Please, buy the stuff wherever you want.