2.3 – Clone Marta Software

This blog is just half the truth.

It is tightly coupled to a GitHub project with the source code, KiCad project, 3D printer STL files and a little bit of documentation.

You need to check that project out on the Marta machine in order to access all the scripts we’ll need in the upcoming blog posts. Because I didn’t want to maintain multiple branches for different purposes, you may just checkout the master. That means, there’s no distinction between the scripts needed on the Pi or the projects you may want to edit on your home computer (like KiCad).

Instead, there’s a cleanup script you may want to execute. It deletes unneeded project paths on your Marta machine.

pi@raspberrypi $ sudo apt-get install git
pi@raspberrypi $ cd /home/pi
pi@raspberrypi $ git clone https://github.com/martamusikmaschine/mmm 

Cloning into 'mmm'...

pi@raspberrypi $ /home/pi/mmm/scripts/cleanup_pi.sh

Do you really want to clean the project? y/N y
Project cleaned.

There’s a little problem concerning the Marta project and that’s python 2.7. This version of the scripting language will not be supported anymore by January 2020. It shouldn’t be too much effort to port the code to a newer version.

Please make sure, that you have a working version of phtyon 2.7 running on your Pi.

pi@raspberrypi $ python --version

Python 2.7.13

PS: Apropos master branch: Did you hear about the master/slave political correctness discussion in tech?